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Microgerar is RENOVE’s initiative to foster debate on distributed electricity micro-generation in Brazil. Although this theme has come to fruition in many countries, it is not the case in Brazil. Even though good initiatives were deployed, micro-generation still isn’t considered as a national public policy. By generating energy at the point of consumption, micro-generation becomes an important tool for poverty eradication policies, particularly in isolated and remote regions.


Day 22/05, Tuesday

9:00 - opening

9:30 a.m. PANEL I

Advances and challenges of connectivity to micro energy

Moderator: José Henrique  Gabetta
Robert Niederkofler - Ropatec Srl Italy - one of the forerunners of European legislation microgeneration
Representative of GE - global technological trend for smart grid
Cicero Bley - Itaipu - Pilot projects microgeneration connected to the network
Congressman Peter Uczai (CAEAT) - legislation for microgeneration
Representative of ANEEL  - rules for microgeneration

11:00 PANEL II
Economic development and generation of green jobs

Moderator: Jose Roberto Fonseca
Leonidas Andrade - Dupont / Abinee
Paul Mckay - Canada - how the industry distributes resources ER-to-home
Nazareno Almada and Rudi Van Els / UNB - Para experience with microgeneration
Mauro Passos - Ideal Institute - solar stadiums
Hamilton Moss - from Ministry of Mines and Energy

14:00 PANEL III (Part 1)
Renewable energy and overcoming poverty

Moderator: Mauro Passos
Jordieter Anhalt - IDER - eco-efficient stoves
José Roberto Fonseca - Eco Engenho Institute - use social productive
Edila Moura - Institute Mamirauá - mitigation exclusion electrical
Representative from UNIFEI / CERPCH
André Machado - Biodiesel Program - Ministry of Agrarian Development

16.30 PANEL III (Part 2)
Moderator: Sulamita Holanda
Fabio Rosa - IDEAAS - including electrical projects in isolated communities
Abradee - distributors of corporate actions for inclusion
Augustin Woelz -  Society of the Sun - low cost heaters
Representative of the Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Combat (Brazil Without Poverty and access to energy)

Day 23/05, Wednesday
9 am - PANEL IV
Trends in international cooperation for promotion of renewable energy

Moderation: Fabio Rosa
Paulo Rocha - Avina Foundation
Juan Cruz Monticelli - REEEP (Renewable Energy & Energy Partnership Eficiency) - Washington
Dirk Assmann - GIZ (German Technical Cooperation Agency)
Alexandre Mancuso - Energy Program USAID Brazil
Representative of the Latin American Centre for Renewable Energy (UNIDO)
Minister Marco Farani - ABC - Brazilian Cooperation Agency

14:00 - Platform Latin American Proposal for Universal Access to Renewable Energy
Presentation: RENOVE and the Avina Foundation

16:00 - Closure

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